The DAAD (German Academic Exchange Service) and 
Alexander von Humboldt Fellows    and Pakistani Alumni of German 
Universities have formed the German Alumni Forum Pakistan, GAFP. 

In these pages, you would soon find information on fellowship offers, 
study visits, visiting professorships and other programs offered by 
Germany to Pakistan and by Pakistan to Germany 

1- The GAFP seeks to realize the following goals: 
2- To provide a platform for contacts among Alumni 
in Pakistan 
3- To facilitate and support contacts between Alumni 
in Pakistan and their respective German Universities 
and Research Institutions.
4- To contribute in the establishing new and 
strengthening of existing academic contacts between
Pakistan and Germany. 

5- To organize follow-up seminars andworkshops in 
co-operations with German counterparts. 

6- To help prospective applicants for fellowships and
 studies in Germany. 

Questions and comments are very welcome and 
should be addressed to: