The DAAD and Humboldt Fellows and Pakistani alumni and visiting 
professors of German universities hereby establish German
 Alumni Forum Pakistan, GAFP, the constitution of which shall be 
as follows: 

The Forum 

The name of the forum shall be German Alumni Forum
 Pakistan, acronym GAPF, hereafter called the Forum. 

The Forum shall be a non-political, non-religious and non-ethnic body. 

The main office of the Forum shall be in Islamabad. 

Aims and Objectives 

To cultivate social and professional contacts among the DAAD and 
Humboldt Fellows and Pakistani Alumni of German Universities.

 To foster professional, academic and research contacts and 
cooperation between the Forum and Academic Organizations in 
Germany, inparticular with DAAD(German Academic Exchange 
Service) and Alexander von Humboldt Foundation in Germany and 
Universities and Research Institutions in Pakistan,

To facilitate the professional work of its members towards the general 
well being of the society, particularly in Higher Education and 

To promote academic and cultural activities aimed at fostering friendly
relations  between the peoples of Pakistan and Germany. 


To implement and coordinate the Follow-Up Schemes, Programs and 
activities of DAAD and Humboldt Foundation and other German 
Universities for the Alumni.

To arrange local and regional meetings of the Alumni. 

To help and recommend bright candidates to apply for the German 
Research fellowship and admissions to German Universities.

To keep a liaison between the GAFP alumni and other Alumni 
Association of other countries and thus to achieve the goal of 
becoming a part of the global Family of German Alumni Associations. 

To offer advice and recommendations on academic, educational and 
scientific matters to the Universities, Research Institutions and any
other organizations if requested.

To create a Website of the Forum, which will act as a doorway to
 information on German Alumni Programs, Notices and other relevant
information and material strictly related to the aims and functions of the 

To carry out all such activities that Forum may consider necessary to 
achieve its aims and objectives


The DAAD and Humboldt Fellows and Pakistani Alumni of German 
Universities shall be eligible for membershipof this Forum. 

The member shall constitute the General Body of the Forum.

The General Body will discuss and review annually the activities report
and balance sheet of the Forum.

The General Body may consider any amendment in the constitution in
line with the aims and objectives of the Forum. 

The General Body shall take decision on matters submitted by the 
Executive Committee.     

The quorum for general body meeting shall be one fifth of the total 

The general Body of the Forum shall formulate the rules/regulations 
and by-laws to manage the affairs of the Forum efficiently.

The Executive Committee 

The affairs of the Forum shall be administered by an Executive
Committee consisting of the following: 

Five Executive Members, one each from Islamabad,Karachi, Lahore, 
Peshawar and Quetta. 

The President shall chair the meetings of the Forum and Executive 
Committee. In the absence of the President, the executive member 
from Islamabad shall act as President. 

The Secretary will be responsible to run the secretariat of the Forum in 
accordance with the constitution, rules and by-laws of the Forum 
adopted from time to time. 

For optimization of the operation of the Secretariat, the President,
Secretary and the Treasurer shall be elected from Islamabad/ 

The Treasurer will look after the financial matters and maintain proper 
accounts of all receipts and payments of the Forum and shall prepare 
annual financial report for audit.

The Executive Members will assist President, Secretary and Treasurer
for the smooth running of the affaires of the Forum. 

The Executive Committee shall be elected from the members of the 

for a period a period of three year by a majority vote. The election of 
the Executive Committee  shall be by postal ballot only. 


The members of the Forum may give donations to the Forum as and
when needed. 

The Forum may accept donations, grants and endowments from
learned bodies of Pakistan and Germany to further its aims and 

The full accounts of the Forum shall be audited by a team of two 
auditors chosen from the members of the Forum, excluding treasurer.      

The President (and in his absence, The Secretary or any Executive 
Member)shall sanction the expenditure. 

Local Chapters 

Existing German Alumni associations may become a chapter of the
forum and also retain their autonomy.

The Executive Committee may authorize the formation of local chapters 

of the Forum in different cities of Pakistan as and when the need arises