Studying in Germany

Germany has a long tradition in education, science and research. The 
history of many higher education institutions extends back over many 
centuries. Following the destruction caused by the Second World War, 
an education and research landscape has evolved in Germany which,
particularly since German unification,is as extensive today as has 
never before been the case. 323 higher education institutions are 
located throughout Germany (as per 1999). Those interested in studying
in Germany can choose between universities and university-status 
institutions, such as the technical universities, or the Fachhochschule 
institutions, or the colleges of art, music and film. All state-maintained 
higher education institutions are open to students of all nations.

Your decision on which type of higher education institution is right for 
you depends largely on what your study objectives are. You must be 
quite clear in your own mind about these before being able to select the
most suitable institution.Before commencing your studies, you should 
also be able to answer the following questions:

1- What type of German higher education institution is right for you? 
Are you perhaps more interested in a shorter and more practice-
orientated degree course at a Fachhochschule or would you prefer to
attend a college of art or music? The DAAD has produced two brochures
within the "Studying in Germany" series specially dedicated to these 
two types of higher education institution.

2- Do you intend to complete a full degree course in Germany or do you 
only want to complete part of your studies in Germany (for example, 
one year) without gaining a degree here?

3- Or have you perhaps already graduated in your home country and 
would now like to take a postgraduate course in Germany?

4- Will a German Diplom or Magister degree, or a State Examination 
(Staatsexamen) qualification, or a German Fachhochschule Thplom 
degree be recognised as a professional qualification in your home

You should only start organising your path to your chosen German
higher education institution once you are fully aware of what the path
back to your home country is, what your career prospects are with your
chosen degree courses and how you intend to fund your studies. We
want your studies at a German higher education institution to open up 
opportunities for you and not to stand in the way of these opportunities