Humboldt Forum News March 2001

With particular pleasure I bring to your notice that The 
Alexander von Humboldt Foundation may make available 
some funds for the activities of the Humboldt Forum 
Pakistan. In this regard we need to submit a concept and
a proposal of our activities by the end of March 2001. 
The activities naturally have to be in line with the spirit 
and goals of the Humboldt Foundation.  If I may suggest,
we should arrange 

1.	A three day scientific meeting of the Humboldt Fellows
 in Islamabad in October/November 2001. To this meeting
we may consider inviting Humboldt Fellows from Afghanistan, 
Maldives, Nepal and Siri Lanka and some of our colleagues 
from Germany for specialised lectures. The meeting could
focus on the research ofHumboldt Fellows in Pakistan and 
on the research needs of Pakistan.

2.	We have a server for German Alumni Forum Pakistan.
On this server we would like to develop a website for Humboldt
Forum Pakistan, which should reflect the activities of the 
Pakistani Humboldt Fellows and disseminate related
information in Education, Research and Technology.

3.	Publication of a Newsletter on the research and academic 
activities of Humboldt Fellows

4.	Dissemination of information of Humboldt Fellowships in the
Universities, in particular to look for prospective bright young 
candidates and help these in their application for fellowships. 
For this purpose we may hold during the Autumn Term 2001
local Humboldt Seminars in the main Universities, i.e. Karachi,
Quetta, Multan, Lahore, Peshawar and Gomal.

I look forward to an early response with suggestions and ideas
to the above proposal. You may want to respond by email, 
telephone or by snail mail. 

The German Alumni Forum Pakistan held a HUMBOLDT
SEMINAR on November 8th 2000 at the University Grants
Commission on "The Alexander Von Humboldt Foundation 
and Contribution of Alexander Von Humboldt Scholars to
Research and Teaching in Pakistan" The Seminar was hosted 
by the Member (Whole Time) Prof. Dr. S. Altaf Hussain. 
The Ambassador of the Federal Republic of Germany, 
Mr. Hans-Joachim Daerr graced the occasion with his presence. 
After welcome words by Prof. S, Altaf Hussain, Mr. Hans-
Joachim Daerr in his address expressed support to the 
academic and research activities of Humboldt Fellows. 
Dr. Khalid Rashid spoke on the history, spirit,  goals of AvH 
Foundation and the person Alexander von Humboldt. 
Dr. N. M. Butt spoke on the physical sciences, Prof. 
G. A. Miana and Prof. Mashooda Hasan on Chemical Sciences. 
There was much exchange of comments and remarks on how
the experiences of Humboldt Fellows in Germany had helped
their research and academic work in Pakistan. We will arrange
to make the contribution available on the gafp server
Dr. N.M.Butt
Contribution of Humboldt Foundation to the academics and research in Pakistan

His Excellency Mr. Hans Joachim Daerr addressing
the Humboldt Forum

Dr. N. M. Butt (Views)

Dr. Masooda Hassan

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