First meeting for the founding of a German Alumni Forum in Pakistan 
- 21 December 1999
 The first meeting to found the German Alumni Forum in Pakistan, 
was hosted by Khalid Rashid at Islamabad Club, Islamabad on 21st 
December 1999 from 1530 to 1800h. His Excellency Mr. Hans-
Joachim Daerr,the Ambassador, Mr. Helmut Landes, Head, Press and
Cultural Section and Mrs. Elke Iqbal Burbach, Cultural section, of the 
Federal Republic of Germany, and 27 DAAD/Von Humboldt Fellows 
and Alumni of German universities, attended the meeting. List is 

The meeting started with the introduction of the participants. Each 
participant presented his current position in Pakistan and his past and
present academic,research and cultural connections with the German
Universities where they studied.. In particular they narrated their 
personal experiences at the German universities and how these 
contacts have helped in promoting research and teaching in their 
respective universities and departments in Pakistan. 

His Excellency, Mr. Hans-Joachim Daerr, the ambassador, addressed
the gathering. In his address he recalled his academic times at the 
universities of Tuebingen, Bonn and Berlin and expressed his keen 
desire to foster bilateral relations between Pakistan and German 
universities and to extend all help possible, in spite of the budget 
constraints, to maintain and strengthen the Pakistan-German academic 
contacts. He further stated, that the German embassy would welcome
from the alumni, any advice and recommendation and support in the
cultivation of the Pakistan-German contacts. The alumni agreed to 
provide whatever support possible. 

Mr. Helmut Landes, Head, Press and Cultural Section, addressed the 
gathering on the alumni programs of DAAD and Humboldt. He took 
reference to the fact that Pakistan was not represented on the German 
alumni map of the world and that he would want to change this and put 
Pakistan on this map. 

The making of the constitution of the German Alumni Forum Pakistan, 
the election of the president and other office bearers was discussed.
All participants agreed that the German Alumni Forum Pakistan, 
(GAFP) is hereby founded. It will have its core at Islamabad, with
chapters in Peshawar, Lahore, Karachi and Quetta. Dr. N. M Butt, 
seconded by Prof. Sakhawat Shah proposed the name of Khalid 
Rashid as the provisional President with immediate effect. Khalid 
Rashid was unanimously elected as the provisional President by all the
alumni present. Khalid Rashid was then asked to take the responsibility
to administer the German Alumni Forum Pakistan, to prepare the 
constitution in consultation with other members and after the approval 
of the constitution by the majority of the members, to hold elections for
the office bearers. Khalid Rashid accepted the provisional presidentís 
position and greed to administer the German Alumni Forum Pakistan to
the best of his capability.All the participants applauded the acceptance. 

The meeting ended at 1700h with Iftari refreshments and the breaking 
of the fast.